Positivity Week Day 6: Positivity In 2014

Today’s topic is write about something positive in 2014.

Dannion Brinkley July 27th, 2014 small

I met Dannion Brinkley this year. I have wanted to for years and finally he did a talk in my area this year. Dannion and his wife were very nice. His talk was positive and a great reminder that we need to love ourselves and others. If you want to read about the talk, you can here.

Brian Keene, September 5th, 2014 004s

I met Brian Keene for the 4th time this year and as always, it was a positive experience.  I think Brian Keene sets a perfect example on how to treat people and how to treat your fans if you’re an author. Whoever shows up to see him at a signing, he makes sure to take time to talk to them. He does it with me and I see him doing it everyone else that shows up to him.

And I still remember he read my blog after commenting on his. How many authors do you know who do that? He also wrote “Keep writing” in my copy of Dark Hollow because he saw on my blog that I’m a writer. He takes times for his fans and even encourages other writers. For me it’s positive because I want to do that when I’m a published author, take time for my fans and other encourage others.


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