Positivity Week Day 3: A Positive Memory About My Half-Brother

Today you are supposed to write about a positive memory with someone who is not so positive.

Today I am going to write about my half-brother David. I haven’t talked about it much, but I do have half-siblings. Four in total. Three are from my dad’s first marriage and one is from my mom’s first marriage.

David is one of my half-brother’s from my dad’s first marriage. The siblings from my dad’s first marriage don’t really like me and don’t even acknowledge me as their sister. Ricky, who my mom had with her first husband, is the only one who will acknowledge as his sister.

But I do remember a time from when I was very young, a time when David and I were close. I have a memory from when I was four or 5 five years old. We were living in the old farm-house in Hershey, Pennsylvania. David was still living at the house and I believe that was before he met his first wife.

David and I were sitting on his bed watching the race. I’ve never been into racing, but David is and so I was watching it to spend time with him. It was during the summer and I had a popsicle. I was watching the TV for a second and not paying attention to my popsicle. When I went to take a bite, I noticed there was already a big bite taken from it.

“Hey,” I said. “You took a bite!”

“It was melting,” he said.

The reason why that is a positive memory for me is because it is one time in my life that I felt I had a brother. I hope that makes sense.

Nowadays I don’t see David much and I’m okay with that because he’s not really the type of person I want to be around. I won’t get into why since this is positivity week, but that is one of my best and favorite memories with him.


8 responses to “Positivity Week Day 3: A Positive Memory About My Half-Brother

  1. what a great idea, to find the positive in what seems so not. exactly what one of my teachers talks about. the contrast is important, because it shows us what we DO want vs what is there, perhaps. perfect.
    since thee brings up brothers. (i have 3 altogether, 2 of which are also ‘cousins’ because my mom married a brother of my father, after divorcing him. sorry, tmi) my middle brother, the one that i ‘protected’ when we were younger, is now quite judgmental of me, or maybe just really disappointed in his older sister. (i do not make a lot of money, i don’t have a regular college degree, i’m already ‘retired’ at 58, etc) what this shows me is that i want to not be judged, or whatever it is, especially by my blood family. i love that feeling, of unconditional love. so much. ok. i’m off to do more of that. 🙂


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