Positivity Week 2014

It’s almost time for Positivity Week again. This is something I started doing on Xanga in 2010 and so many people enjoyed it that I decided to continue to do it every year.

I started Positivity Week to help people focus more on the positive rather than the negative things in life. It’s not possible to stop every negative thought, but I do know that I feel better when I am positive and I want to be able to help others be positive and feel better as well.

Sometimes it is hard to escape the negativity, but for 7 days, there will be something new to write about that will help you get into a positive state of mind.

Day 1: Post-It Positivity
I’ve seen people write positive messages on post-it notes and leave them somewhere in public. On this day, write on a post-it (or regular paper if you have no post-it) and leave it in public for someone to find. You can take a picture of the note you write to share in your post, or just tell what you wrote, it’s your chose and share where you left it.
I thought this would be a neat idea. These little notes can help brighten someone’s day.
Day 2: Your Pets
Pets are a positive presence in our lives. On this day, share about your pets.
Day 3: A Positive memory about someone who isn’t so positive
Share about someone you know who isn’t positive, but you at least one positive or happy memory with them.
Day 4: Something Positive From 10 Years Ago
On this day, share something positive from 10 years ago.
Day 5: Positivity in Paintings
Like writing, art can can stir emotions and that means it can make you feel positive or happy. On this day, share one or more of your favorite paintings.
Day 6: Something Positive from 2014
Share something positive from this year. If you have more than one thing to share, feel free to.
Day 7: Local Positivity
On this last day, share an event, group or something else you feel is positive that is located in your town/city or a nearby town/city.
This year Positivity Week will begin November 10th and end November 16th. If you want to join in just comment on this post and let me know. When the week starts, I’ll look for your posts and like them.
Looking forward to everyone’s posts this year 🙂

19 responses to “Positivity Week 2014

  1. Cool and Ty.
    Wanted to tell you that our vet called us and she had an 8 week old baby hamster who needed a home and we went and got her.
    She is a little sweet heart and were named her sunny girl.


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