James Van Praagh Event

On October 10th was the James Van Praagh event. It was in Easton, which is more than two hours away from me and right next to New Jersey.

I enjoyed the drive there. I’d never been to Easton before. We made sure to get there early enough to eat before the event started. We ended up going to New Jersey and eating at an Italian restaurant. I fell in the restaurant parking lot and sprained my ankle. It hurt bad and it is better now, but still not completely healed.

The food at the restaurant was good and we made it back to the State Theatre in time to see James Van Praagh go on the stage.

The State Theatre is really amazing. Just beautiful hand-carved woodwork.

The event lasted for three hours. It began with James Van Praagh telling a bit of his story and what he does. For the rest of the three hours, he went to different people in the audience whose relatives or friends had passed and had messages for them. It was great and he was really accurate.

I have no pictures to share as they weren’t allowed. I did get to meet him and again no pictures were allowed, but I think that was so it didn’t take so long. But I got my book signed.

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He was nice and called me “Halloween girl” because of my Jack-O-Lantern t-shirt. He asked my birthday and I told him it was January 21st.

“Aquarius dance to the beat of their own drum,” he said and I believe it was part in reference to my liking of Halloween. But it also describes me. I like what I like, even if it’s not popular or if it is strange.

He also told me to take better care of myself and I assume he told me that because I fell. And no, he didn’t see me limping. There were so many people waiting to meet him, he never saw me until it was my turn to meet him.

Despite my sprained ankle, I had a good time. I hope one to meet him again and hopefully get a picture with him.


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