Black Ring UFO

In April, a 16 year-old British had finished playing tennis with her mother and saw something unusual in the sky. It was a black ring moving slowly towards the trees. It disappeared, but the girl took a video of it on her phone.

I’ve watched the video and it’s definitely strange. I found it through this article and thought I’d share with everyone.

What do you think of the video? Have you ever seen a UFO?


7 responses to “Black Ring UFO

  1. Interesting. I saw one of these being generated on a TV show and was amazed. It’s no wonder that people report them as UFO s. I’m glad that the article includes the explanation.
    I saw something weird one time that turned out to be a weather balloon and there are some lights along a rolls at here that, if there is fog, look awesomely like flying saucers!


  2. I do not think it is a UFO and nope, have never seen one. would like to see this photo up close with the ability to slow it down and take a closer look.


  3. These things are always interesting.
    I’ve seen some weird things in the sky…but they were always explained later.
    I knew a man who thought he’d seen UFO’s, but no one believed him and often “shunned” him. I always let him share his stories with me. He liked that I was willing to listen to him.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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