Halloween Stuff!!!

Over the past few days I’ve sort of went on a Halloween buying spree. I have been waiting for the Dollar Tree to get in all of their Halloween stuff and they finally have. I bought quite a bit of stuff there on Friday.

halloweenstuff 005

A dish towel and rubber bracelets.

halloweenstuff 006

Oven mitts.

halloweenstuff 007

Creepy cloth. I have these hanging in both of my door ways into my bedroom.

halloweenstuff 009

A scarf.

halloweenstuff 012

A snow globe. Isn’t it neat? 🙂

halloweenstuff 002 halloweenstuff 003

Some window clings.

I went to Walmart and bought some stuff too.

halloweenstuff 001

Bought some window clings from there too.

halloweenstuff 013 halloweenstuff 014

And a few t-shirts.

halloweenstuff 015

I bought these at Big Lots. My nails are painted gold right now, but once that’s off, I’m putting these on.

I was supposed to go to a Powwow on Saturday, but it rained and so I didn’t go. Where the Powwow is, you have to park in the grass and my mom was worried we might get stuck. I’m sure walking around in the rain wouldn’t have been much fun either. However, I found a Powwow next month that I plan on going to. But since I couldn’t go to the Powwow, I went to Walmart and Big Lots after going out to eat. It was a nice day, but I’m still disappointed that it rained and I ended up not going to the Powwow.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend 🙂


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