Do you want Hellboy 3?

I was on Twitter, looking at the newest tweets for Hellboy 3 and came across this one:

The link leads to the official facebook page for the first Hellboy movie. The newest post on that pages says:

“Hi Everyone — We will be using this page to show investors that there’s enough people who want to see HELLBOY 3.

Are you one of them?”

And of course, I liked the page right away and said I want Hellboy 3. Currently there are over 900 comments on that post. A lot of people do want Hellboy 3 and if enough people show interest, some studio or investor will take notice. You also have to think that right now Guardians of the Galaxy is doing really well at the box office and they are relatively unknown superheroes. If Guardians is doing well, I think Hellboy 3 could do well also.

If you’re on facebook and you want Hellboy 3, like the page and tell them you want it!

Hellboy facebook page 


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