New Hamster

I’m sure you all remember last month Darc passed away. But before Darc had passed away we got a new hamster. I think maybe a week or less after we got the new hamster Darc passed away.

And I’ve been meaning to post pictures of the new hamsters, but I’ve been busy with other things. I’ve got some time now and want to show you all pictures of the new little one.


Luigi 009small

We named him Luigi (yes, after the video game character) and he has been really happy here. It didn’t take him long to get used to being with us and he begs to get out all the time now. He’s a sweet little guy, but he’s  bit on the hyper side and he’s very fast. We love him though.


5 responses to “New Hamster

    • I have been. I’ve had hamsters jump onto the floor because they are curious, but they never run off. Except for the dwarf hamster I had. He got on the floor and ran under the bed. It took a half hour to catch him because how my bed is, you can’t just reach under it.

      He was pretty happy with himself that day lol


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