If You’re In The Area. . .

July 27th I will be seeing Dannion Brinkley.

If you don’t know who Dannion Brinkley is, I’ll tell you a little about him.

He has had three near-death experiences. The first was in 1975 when he was 25. He was talking on a phone during a thunder-storm and was struck by lightning. He was dead for 28 minutes and during this time went through a life review. He also met what he calls Beings of Light (We would know them as Angels) and they showed him many things.

That’s the very short version. For more information, I would recommend checking out his website.

I’ve known about Dannion Brinkley for many years.

My mom and I used to go to a paranormal meeting not far from us. The person who did this meeting would sometimes get guest speakers in. I don’t remember who the person was she got that day, but he was there speaking about near-death experience and had a documentary that he showed. On that documentary was Dannion Brinkley and others who have had near-death experiences.

That was how I found out about him and have wanted to meet him ever since. But usually when he comes to Pennsylvania, the closest he comes is Pittsburgh and that’s still quite a drive from where I live. Also, it’s usually not cheap to go see him speak either.

For years I have been saying I want him to come to my area of Pennsylvania and the price is reasonable to see him speak.

I finally got my wish and I’m very excited. I’ll be bringing my camera and taking pictures.

But I also wanted to give the information for tickets for his talk. If you’re in the area of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, whether you live there, are visiting, or it’s not a far drive and you are interested in near-death experience, get a ticket and come see Dannion speak.

He goes on at 2pm and it runs until 6pm (however, he said it is okay if we run over). It is $50 just to see Dannion, but if you want to spend the whole day, it’ll be $70 and two other speakers are on before him. Here is the link for more information about the event:

I just thought I would post about this on my blog in case they are in the area or not far away and want to go.

I’m excited. I can’t wait 🙂


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