Spice Girls Demo From Album Forever

I was on Denden (it’s a forum for Spice Girls fans) and they had a video up of this song that is demo from their 2000 album Forever.

The demo is of a song called If It’s Lovin On Your Mind and this song wasn’t on the album. It’s very short, only 28 seconds long, but the song sounds so good. I wish it had been on the album. I’ll post the clip below so you all can have a listen.


6 responses to “Spice Girls Demo From Album Forever

    • I love them too and Mel B has always been my favorite.

      You’re welcome. I just wish the full song was out to listen to. I know they have a number of unreleased songs. I wish they would release them.

      Happy 4th of July to you too 🙂


  1. Thought of you today. We adopted a teddy bear hamster almost a year old. He is very skittish and scared but taking food from us already.


    • Feeding them is a good way to get hamsters to start trusting you. Hamsters can be jumpy at first, but if you work with them a little, they will love getting out and won’t stop begging to get out.

      What did you name him? Did you post any pictures of him yet?


      • i will post photos of him soon and his name is teddy as he is a teddy bear hamster.
        He has already captured out heart.


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