Tibetan Monks

Sorry I didn’t post about this sooner. In early May I went to a dinner where Tibetan Monks cooked for all the guests. I took pictures and since in May I was celebrating 5 years being a fan of Diana Wynne Jones, I tried not to post anything else. After May, I got busy with other things and haven’t had time to post about the dinner until now.

The Monks came to the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania, which isn’t far from me at all.

The Monks tour to raise money for their Monastery and it seems they’ve been to my area before, but this was the first year I heard about it.

My mom, boyfriend and I went. We got to watch Tibetan Monks cook for us and other guests at the dinner. I got a bunch of pictures and had a fun day.

The dinner was at a family’s house and they even have a labyrinth in their backyard. It is beautiful. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

other 791

other 792

other 793

other 794

other 795


12 responses to “Tibetan Monks

  1. Oh cool and i would have loved to have been there. What an honor to have them cook for you and I am so happy you got to have this adventure.


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