Shrek The Musical

I love Shrek. I’ve seen all the movies in the theater (now own all on DVD) and I’ve watched the holiday specials also. I’ve known about Shrek The Musical, but for a while it was only on Broadway and when it did go on tour, I’m not sure if it ever actually came very close to me.

The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre in Lancaster, PA, did their own production of Shrek The Musical. It lasted from May 15 to June 21. I went on June 6. There are no pictures to posts since they didn’t allow any to be taken, but if you go to their facebook page and scroll down a bit, you’ll see some pictures from the show.

I have never seen a play or musical live before. So, Shrek The Musical was my first and it was absolutely wonderful.

The musical has parts in it from the movie, but there are parts that were written just for the musical and actually expand on some of the characters stories. It was neat to see familiar and new parts.

I loved the songs; they were so catchy. I think the actors at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre’s production were just wonderful. The singing was just amazing. They had such great voices.

It was so much fun. So funny and there were serious parts that I thought were very touching.

If any theatres near you decide to do their own production of Shrek The Musical, I highly recommend going. But if not, the next best thing is to watch the DVD. It was recorded while the musical was on Broadway. The DVD is also wonderful and I recommend it highly too. I borrowed it from my library and watched it shortly after seeing it live.

In short, Shrek The Musical is fun! It’ll make you laugh out loud and I don’t think you’ll regret watching the DVD or seeing it live.


4 responses to “Shrek The Musical

  1. Oh! I’m so glad you got to go! I think stage productions are so much fun! A great experience! 🙂 It sounds like Shrek The Musical is a blast! : -) I got to see a stage production a few months ago. But, it was not a musical.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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