Howl’s Moving Castle Chapter 17

Note: If you’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, but plan to some day and don’t want things spoiled for you, in my chapter posts there could be spoilers.

“As ready as I shall ever be,” he said. “You know this could kill me, don’t you?” – Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl and Michael are preparing for the move, making all kinds of markings and such in the house. Sophie and the dog just get pushed around while all this is going on.

But Howl does ask what Sophie thinks they should sell in the shop and her answer is simple, flowers. Everything is done, all the markings and magical things prepared. Now it’s time to move Calcifer.

I don’t think it is a surprise that Calcifer is frightened to be moved. I imagine it’s not the easiest to move a fire demon and you’d probably have to be very careful when doing so. But Howl gets Calcifer moved and he is okay.

Calcifer found a nice house with lots of flowers, but it’s on the edge of the Waste, which isn’t a good thing.

In this chapter more is found out about Calcifer, his origins, and how Howl and him met. I won’t spoil this part either. It’s not a very long part of the chapter, but one that I think explains a lot.

The castle is now connected to the shop, which is really neat when you think about it. Sophie has mixed feelings about seeing her old home. But everything is all set up for the flower shop. Thousands of flowers for them to sell. And the chapter ends with Howl slithering out while Sophie asks him a question. Very typical of Howl.


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