Howl’s Moving Castle Chapter 15

Note: If you’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, but plan to some day and don’t want things spoiled for you, in my chapter posts there could be spoilers.

                         Then they both waited, rather anxiously. – Howl’s Moving Castle

Michael comes back and says that there is a hat shop for sell in Market Chipping. It seems Fanny is selling the shop. Michael suggests that the entrance is moved to there, but Calcifer doesn’t agree since it will take moving him to actually move the door’s location. They have been wanting to move it so the Witch of the Waste can’t find it.

But they are still discussing moving into the hat shop. Howl asked Sophie what she would like for the other entrance. She said she’d like to have a nice house with lots of flowers.

Howl leaves for a while and when he comes back, he said that he has the shop. So, I guess Sophie started at the shop and will end up back there again, even if she isn’t selling hats. She’s had quite a journey since leaving the hat shop that day.

Michael is happy because he’ll get to see Lettie (Martha) every day.

And Sophie needs help. She keeps sewing pieces of one of Howl’s old suits together and it just keeps getting smaller. Sophie wants a spell to make the suite Howl’s size again and in a few minutes it works. Wouldn’t it be nice to have magic to do things like that? I still want a pair of seven-league boots. Honestly, if seven-league boots were real, people might not need vehicles anymore. Can you imagine putting on a pair of boots and in a step or two be at your destination? I think that’d be quite wonderful. Or like Sophie did, using magic to make your clothing bigger (there is probably spell to make them smaller too).

Howl wants to go out, but Sophie and Michael think it is not very safe. The Witch of the Waste is after Howl and I say I agree with both of them. It’s best just to stay in.

It’s quite funny what happens with the suit, but I won’t spoil it.


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