Book Review: Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

Quick note: This book was released in 2010. I pre-ordered my copy and read it shortly after it was released. So this review is from 2010 and at that time, this was Diana’s newest release.

When Jocelyn Brandon Hope dies he leaves his field-of-care, home and land to his grandson Andrew Hope.
Andrew has many happy memories of his grandfather and his house. Being the owner of Melstone house is quite different then being visitor Andrew finds out. Andrew has to learn his grandfather’s field-of-care, learn about all the magic Melstone holds and deal with the housekeeper, Mrs. Stock and the gardener Mr. Stock (they aren’t related).

On top of all this, Aidan Cain comes to Melstone for help. Ever since his grandmother’s death something, or someone has been after him. Andrew allows Aidan to stay and while in Melstone Aidan is protected from the strange beings that are after him.

But things become stranger and Andrew still has much to learn about this field-of-care.

When I first found out Diana Wynne Jones was releasing a new book I got so excited. And This book didn’t disappoint, I absolutely loved this it. I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll say it again; Diana Wynne Jones is an amazing fantasy writer. Enchanted Glass is everything you’ve come to expect from Diana Wynne Jones: a very magical, fun and funny story.
I liked the characters very much too, and I can’t really pick a favorite. Enchanted Glass has become one of my favorite books.


2 responses to “Book Review: Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

    • You’re welcome. I only found out about Diana because of the Howl’s Moving Castle movie. She doesn’t seem to be too well known in America. She is sort of like a hidden treasure and I want to share her writing with as many people as I can.


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