Howl’s Moving Castle Chapter 7

Note: If you’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, but plan to some day and don’t want things spoiled for you, in my chapter posts there could be spoilers.

“Wee-oop!” Michael shouted. He whirled Sophie around to the chair and dumped her into it, where she sat gasping. – Howl’s Moving Castle

Sophie grabs her stick and decides to go out for a bit. And Howl is acting as if nothing ever happened. Now he thinks his hair looks. He’s a rather odd wizard, I think, and I suppose you could say he has mood swings. Howl has to bother Sophie before she leaves and she’s just not very happy with him. He’s spending the day with the king and won’t be back until later.

Everything seems to be stopping Sophie from leaving, including a scarecrow. In chapter 2, Sophie found a scarecrow and now it is alive, and after her. She wants Calcifer to make the castle move faster to get away from the scarecrow. And I can’t blame her.

Could you imagine opening your door and find a scarecrow there waiting for you? I don’t think it would be the most pleasant experience.

Michael returns to the castle with good news. And I really like Michael. He’s a nice character and it’s great when he is happy.

And Howl needs someone to blacken his name to the king. He doesn’t want to become royal magician as he doesn’t like to pinned down to anything. Howl’s also not happy with Sophie tiring Calcifer out because of the scarecrow. But honestly, who is he to complain? He had a tantrum that resulted in lots of green slime that almost put Calcifer out.

Guess who is blacken Howl’s name. Sophie. Yep, that’s what Howl decided. And I’m sure Sophie isn’t the happiest about it, but she’s going to go along with it. But not before she sees her sister. She just has to tell Martha all about what’s happening. And I wonder how she will explain her sudden old age to her sister?

You know, I’m really enjoying rereading this and writing about each chapter on here. It’s fun.


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