Howl’s Moving Castle Chapter 6

Note: If you’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, but plan to some day and don’t want things spoiled for you, in my chapter posts there could be spoilers.

 Calcifer was as interested as Sophie. His blue face was leaning right out of the grate to see the door. – Howl’s Moving Castle

I love this chapter. Howl is quite the drama queen in it.

Sophie tells Howl she needs more stuff to do and says that she can mend his old suit. And Howl is off chasing a girl, Michael says.

Howl’s is also seen dealing with customers in this chapter. They come to him for spells and such. And it seems that he is too nice because he always under charges, and sometimes lets the customer take up too much of his time.

And Sophie can be pretty nosy. She had to turn the knob to black and see this secret place that is Howl’s only. When she opened the door, nothing was there, only blackness. Even Calcifer doesn’t know where that door leads. Howl has also locked his bedroom door and Sophie can’t take a look in there.

Sophie also finds out that Howl chases girls not to eat their hearts, but so they fall in love with him. He acts a bit strange until they fall for him and then goes back to normal. At least until the next one.

My favorite part of this chapter is when Howl goes to the bathroom to dye his hair. He said he hoped that Sophie put the spells right back where she found them when she cleaned. And she claims that she did.

Howl comes out of the bathroom all upset. His hair is ruined, according to him. It’s not the color he wanted. And he really becomes quite the drama queen. He moans, brays and screams. Michael drags Sophie from the house for a bit while Howl continues to get louder. And when they came back, inside was bunches of green slime.

Both Michael and Sophie spend quite a while cleaning with Howl unmoving. They even have to force him into the shower to get all of green slime off. After everything is clean, Sophie talks to Howl and finds out his hair isn’t really what’s wrong, but it is about the girl he is after.

And Sophie loses all sympathy she may have had for Howl when she finds out the girl he is chasing. For those of you that are reading these posts, I’ll just leave that part as a surprise. Just in case any of you read the book.

But Howl can be very dramatic and his tantrums are very messy. But his tantrum is why this is one of my favorite chapters. I think it is funny.


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