For Hamtaro

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Hamtaro was a very unique hamster. Like all hamsters, he ran on his wheel, but not on the inside of it. He ran on top of it! I’ve never seen a hamster do that before and running on top his wheel was his preferred way of running on his wheel.

Hamtaro got sick and I did all I could to get him better. Gave him different natural medicines and none worked except for a little bit. I’ve had hamsters get sick before and use natural medicines and it gets them better. I don’t know what Hamtaro was sick with, but nothing seemed to help him.

I checked on him yesterday and found that he had passed away. I’m sad and feel that I couldn’t make him better. I love Hamtaro and just hope that he knows. I’ll never forget him.


10 responses to “For Hamtaro

  1. Aw. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear about Hamtaro’s death. 😦
    That is so cute that he ran on top of the wheel. 🙂
    I’m SURE he knows that you loved him! He knows by the wonderful way you cared for him.


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