Mount Joy Library Book Sale

Saturday was Mount Joy library’s annual book sale. I went in the afternoon and didn’t find too many books, but did get a few that I wanted.

other 751

Broken Days by Ann Rinaldi. This author writes historical fiction and I just love her books.

other 752

Wishbone Mysteries: Drive-In of Doom by Brad Strickland – I’ve been trying to collect all the Wishbone books and finally found another that I didn’t have yet.

Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery – I’ve read the first three of The Anne of Green Gables books and love them so I figured I’d like this one too.

A Deadly Promise by Joan Lowery Nixon – One of my favorite authors and I am trying to get all of her books. I was happy to find another I didn’t have yet.

So I didn’t find too much, but I found a few books and that makes me happy. I think Middletown Library is one having of their book sales next month so I’ll be going to that too.


8 responses to “Mount Joy Library Book Sale

    • I do buy new books when I can, but I don’t always have the money to pay for new books. So I buy a lot of my books at libraries book sales. Like you said it benefits the library a lot and I am able to get books for cheap. But some books I have to buy used as they are no longer sold new.

      Like with Joan Lowery Nixon, only some of her books have been reprinted and are still being sold new. But she wrote over 130 books in her career and a lot of them aren’t available new anymore.


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