Some People Still Have A Long Way To Go

I’m a happy person; I’m not mean to people and it takes a lot to get me angry. Monday night I was angry, very angry and now that I have calmed down, I’ve decided to blog about what happened.

My boyfriend worked on Monday until 11pm. That was also the day he got paid and the bank he uses is right up the road from where he works. After my mom and I picked him up from work, we went up to the bank so he could put his check in his account.

He was filling out the bank envelope and while we were sitting there, another car pulled into the parking lot. It was two guys, both looked to be in their 20s. As soon as they pulled in, they began to stare at us, especially my mom and I. The guy that was driving got out to go to the ATM. He was wearing pants that were hanging off his butt and a baseball cap turned sideways. Once he finished at the ATM, he went back to his car, opened the door and as he was getting in, said something to his friend while staring at us. Then they drove away.

That night it was warm out so we had the windows down, but I didn’t hear what they said since they weren’t on my side of the vehicle. It was my mom’s side they were on and she heard what the guy said.

“There’s two n***** lovers.”

And when she told me what the guy said, I was angry. If they hadn’t left right away, I think I would have confronted him. And I’m not the type of person that likes to fight, that likes to argue. But I do stand up for what’s wrong and I will stand up for people I love.

Racial slurs are wrong. Racism is wrong, period.

And I know everyone has the right to their opinion, the right to say what they want. But people need to remember that sometimes their opinions are harmful and hurtful, that their words are not just words; they can hurt. And while everyone may have the right to their opinion, sometimes it is best to keep your opinions to yourself.

You don’t have to like me, you don’t have to like my boyfriend. You don’t have to be okay with the fact that someone with white skin is with someone who has darker skin. But you do need to keep it to yourself.

I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years and no matter how much someone thinks we both need to be with someone our own color, that won’t happen. We love each other and color has nothing to do with it.

I’m happy to say that my boyfriend and I haven’t had to deal with much racism due to our relationship. Actually, the most we had to deal with came from this own family. They didn’t want him with a “white girl” and said nothing but bad things about me.

I’ve learned that anyone can be racist, anyone can be hateful. Racism isn’t limited to one color; people of all races have had to deal with racism.

And when I think of what happened Monday, I realize that all we all live in 2014, our country has changed, people are becoming more and more accepting of others, of things that are different to them. But there are still people who may live in these modern times, but they haven’t evolved whatsoever. Those guys on Monday, they haven’t evolved. They apparently are still of an old mindset. And while there may be many more people who aren’t like this, there are still enough ignorant people around to make you mad by the things they say.

And while I am not a fighter, I will continue to stand up for what I believe is wrong. I didn’t get to confront the guy who said that on Tuesday because he basically said it and drove off quick, but I feel I’ve said what I needed to say here.

People are people. Love is love. We’re all equal and I think some people still need to learn that yet.



17 responses to “Some People Still Have A Long Way To Go

  1. Those two were proof that morons exist. I am sorry this happened to you and your boyfriend.
    I would be angry too, and I think by blogging about it you are sending a wonderful message of the pain these kind of actions cause.


  2. I would recommend a movie to you: The Loving Story

    I’m so sorry those guys said such an ugly mean ignorant thing! 😦

    Words wound and can even kill a person’s spirit. I’m so proud of you for standing up and sharing your story and your heart! You are strong! 🙂

    In my family there are 5 cultures represented…African American, Mexican, Caucasian, Korean, and Chinese….so far. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. I would’ve been really upset if it happened to me. What a couple of jerks. Your words here are very true. And you’re right, there are still many people with the old mindset, as you put it so well.


  4. There are Millennials, and Gen Z’ers, who still haven’t come out of the Dark Ages. Most of them don’t like themselves, much less those who are “different”. Glad you were able to overcome your anger. Striking back would have been a waste of energy, but it’s best we who see with clear vision stand together against such darkness.


    • I don’t usually stay angry for longer, especially when I have a bit of time to think about things and write down my feelings. What the guy said wasn’t right. It’ll never be set. However, I don’t believe in attacking people physical or verbally when they do something wrong. But I do believe in standing up for yourself and what’s wrong, but do it in a nice way, if that makes sense. I think any person can express their pain, or anger in a nice, calm way without lashing out.


  5. Racism comes from ignorance. I’m not sure confronting them would have done anything to enlighten them. The best thing you can do is just be your normal kind caring self and show them that what they fear isn’t you or your boyfriend, but rather just themselves and their own ignorance. If you are a kind caring person in a kind caring relationship, then their opinions are no longer valid. If that makes sense.

    No matter what, it does suck. Just be yourself and you’ll already be better than them.


    • It makes sense. I just believe in standing up against what’s wrong and standing up for yourself. But I believe in doing it in a nice way. I don’t think a person has to be mean to stand up for themselves or against what’s wrong.


  6. Oh, please don’t confront people like that! (unless you have a gun) They are simply wastes of space and not worth your time or effort.
    When I see guys wearing their pants like that, I can’t help but believe that they are mindless twits—even if they are rich rappers!


  7. It surprises me that people like them are still around… but they are the ones with the problem. Not you. But then you knew that already, didn’t you? HUGS


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