Weekly Library Runs

I love my local library and I go there weekly, usually to pick up items I have on hold. Sometimes to browse their bookstore, or just spend a few hours there looking through the books and relaxing.

I have a Lancaster County library card. That means my library card can be used at any library in Lancaster County and also means that it gives me access to any item that the libraries in my county carry. If my local library doesn’t have what I want, but another one in my county does, I can put a hold on it and it will be sent to my library. It’s honestly great.

So, I am always putting items on hold and picking them up. My library card definitely gets plenty of use.

And whenever I can, I rent new DVDs from my library instead of redbox. They charge $1 for new DVDs and you get them for 7 days. It’s cheaper than redbox and I get them for longer. Also, it benefits the library. All the money they make from DVD rentals go back into the library. And once they have had the DVDs for a certain amount of time, they are put in with the regular collection and can be borrowed for free.

I think I go to the library at 2 times a week. Sometimes more.

How often do you go to your local library?


8 responses to “Weekly Library Runs

  1. I have not been to my public library in such a long time.
    I honestly not do a lot of book reading but do research online.


  2. I go there maybe every two weeks. My county, Yavapai, has the same arrangement: I can go to any library in the county, including the Community College, and avail myself of any service that library has.


  3. I am in the library on campus on a regular basis. 5-6 days a week. There is a local library closer to my apartment, but I don’t go there much during the academic year.


    • That’s great you donate and help with fund raisers.

      I help by going to their book sales and renting DVDs with them instead of redbox. It’s not much, but I figure the little bit of money they get from me from buying books and renting DVDs will help some.


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