Earliest Library Memory

I was homeschooled from 1st grade up, but for Kindergarten, I did go to public school. It wasn’t a good experience. Not at all, but there are two good things that I remember about Kindergarten: my music teacher who was so nice and caring, and the school library.

I couldn’t read very well when I was a kid. I really had trouble learning to read, but I still liked books and although I came to not like Kindergarten because of how I was treated, I did like their library.

It wasn’t as big as my local library, but still, they had a nice selection. I think we were allowed to check one book out a week and I always did. I don’t remember all the books I checked out, except for one, but I really only remember the cover.

It was a book I checked out numerous times. I loved it. I don’t remember the title or the author, but I wish I did because I’d love to read it now that I’m older.

I don’t remember if it was a picture book, or a chapter book, but the cover had a black cat on the front. The cat took up a good part of the cover, but you could see in the picture it was outside, near a stone wall.

I don’t even remember anything that happened in the book, but I do remember loving it and checking it out of my school’s library many times. It is one of the few good memories I have of public school, and my first memory of going to a library.

Do you remember the first time you want to a library? Did you have any books you checked out over and over again?


9 responses to “Earliest Library Memory

  1. Ick, I remember Kindergarten. My teacher teased me in class because I still sucked my thumb. She also told us that if we misbehaved, she’d grind us up in her meat grinder. I learned to read because I heard her praising a classmate, and I wanted her to like me. Then I discovered books, and I didn’t care who liked me!


  2. argh, re kindergarten, but yay for finding the library, at school. 🙂 (i just posted a new TEDx talk (by Lora Smothers) on going natural, on unschooling. something my teenager is asking for, and we are working on gettting or doing this.)
    books were important to me, too, as an escape from the reality that i was living at home. school was the opposite for me, for several reasons, but very related to why books were important. once i discovered them, i read everything i could get my hands on.


  3. I’m so sorry you had a bad K experience. 😦

    I had a very bad first grade teacher and experience. But, like you, I loved the school library. I loved getting to check out books and take them home! 🙂

    I was eight the first time I went to a public library. I was even more in awe! That they would let me check out SO MANY books…I was in heaven! 🙂

    Books were an escape for me, from my home life. So, I devoured everything that had words on it…even stuff like cereal boxes.

    I checked out and reread a lot of books…like The Outsiders. That is one I still try to read once every year.

    GREAT post!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  4. Except for 4th grade, when we had a teacher who was severely ill and in pain, my elementary experience was quite good. I have loved reading, and libraries, forever- first went to our Public Library at age 6, and have had a library card, wherever I have lived, ever since. I read Dick and Jane books first, then “The Cat in the Hat” at age 8.


  5. We lived in the city and we had a huge one. I loved it. Mom let us go when they had storytelling and films in the summer. I have the best memories being in that library.


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