Real Picture of Sacajawea?

I’ve read a lot about Sacajawea. I think she was an amazing woman and I’ve just tried to learn as much about her as I can. And as far as I know, there are no known photographs of her. But I was looking for Sacajawea pictures (you know, paintings and such) on Google. I wanted to find a nice one to use as a background. But then I found this picture:

It was labelled as “The Native American known as Sacajawea” under old American Indian photographs and I found on this website:

It certainly looks like a very old photograph, but there is no other information. So, I was wondering, is this just a photo taken a photographer who used someone they thought might look like Sacajawea and made the photo look old? Or is it really her?

If you look at the galleries, there are lots of old photos. But are they actual old photos or just ones made look that way? It doesn’t say on the website. And I would have thought if there were one photo found of Sacajawea, it would be pretty well-known by now.

So, I don’t know if the picture is really her. But it would be pretty neat if it were. I just wish they’d put more information on their website about the photographs.

Do you think this could be an actual photo of Sacajawea? Or do you think if it was, it would be well-known knowledge that there is at least one photo of her?


15 responses to “Real Picture of Sacajawea?

    • I did some reading about that and according to google, the photograph was commercially introduced in 1869. Sacajawea lived between 1788 and 1812. So, that would have been before photography was around. I just know the website has the photo up and others. The photos are either titled or have the names of the person in the photo in the title. So, I don’t know if is another Indian woman named Sacajawea, but if that is the case they should explain that. Or they are trying to mislead people.

      I just know that from all I have read, there are no known pictures of Sacajawea and I would think if this photo were real, it would probably be known by now.


    • I’m thinking that it’s not her. I did some reading and she wasn’t alive when photographs were invented. I dont know if it is another Indian woman with the same name or what. But they should at least give more information about the photographs on their website.


  1. I can’t see the picture for the reasons others have said. Did you ever see Night at the Museum? I know it’s Hollywood so I don’t hold much hope, but how accurate was that information they gave?


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