Greatest Fan

Diana Wynne Jones’s book Islands of Chaldea releases April 22. The company publishing the book decided to have a contest. They were giving away ten copies of the book and how you entered was by e-mail. To enter, you sent an e-mail explaining why you are Diana’s greatest fan. The contest ended on March 9.

I thought it was neat that they decided to have a contest, and while I did think of entering, I decided against it.

It would have been great to win a book by one of my favorite authors, but I decided that I just wanted to pay for it.

I don’t always have the money to buy books brand new, and when I do, it is a real treat. And there are some books that I just have to have brand new. Even if I have to save up a little at a time for it, I do. Islands of Chaldea is one of those books I must have it brand new, that I just had to pre-order. Why? Well, because it is Diana Wynne Jones. That name may not mean anything to some people, but for me, that name means a lot.

I would have loved to enter the contest and win a free copy, but I just felt the book was worth pre-ordering and waiting for.

Can I say I am Diana’s greatest fan? I don’t really know. I do know I am a huge fan of hers. I’ve read many of her books, I’ve read as much about Diana herself as I can, and even did send her a letter before she passed. I haven’t been a fan of Diana as long as some people. It’ll be five years in May, but it only took one book by Diana Wynne Jones to change my life.

How can a children’s fantasy book like Howl’s Moving Castle change my life? Some people would probably think that it isn’t possible that a book like that couldn’t change anyone’s life. But it changed mine. It got me back into writing and made me realize just how much I love fantasy. Diana has just been a huge inspiration to me.

But I think it is hard for anyone who is a fan of anything to say they are the biggest, or greatest fan. There are many fans of Diana Wynne Jones. Some have read all of her books, others haven’t. Some own all the different editions of her books, others don’t. Some have met her, and some never got the chance. But regardless of those differences, we’re all fans. And it seems to me that Diana Wynne Jones is really loved by her fans. So, I just think it would be very hard to judge who is the greatest fan.

So, I won’t say I am her greatest fan. I am a fan of her, of her work and her words. I love Diana and her books. I’m sure that Diana saw all her fans as her greatest.


6 responses to “Greatest Fan

  1. I find it so cool that you want to buy her book…instead of winning a copy…in that way you are expressing your love for her and her work! 🙂 She is smiling down on you, I’m sure! 🙂
    When I’ve said that there are a few books that were life-changing for me, a few people have poohpoohed that notion. But, I totally believe books can change people’s lives! I love hearing about Diana’s influence on you! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  2. A very heart-felt post, and I’m glad to have found it.

    I entered the competition, not thinking I would be one of those winning — I rarely win anything, but then I rarely compete! — so I was pleasantly surprised to find I was regarded as among Diana’s ten “greatest” fans. I’m reading it now and planning to post a review on March 26th.

    It’s good you’ve pre-ordered and will get your very own copy — I suppose I’d be in the same position if I hadn’t chanced it! Anyway, hope you enjoy it when it comes!


    • Thank you 🙂

      That is awesome you won a copy. It’s always great to win books, especially when they are by a favorite author. I seriously considered entering the contest myself, but decided against it just because I wanted to buy it.

      I’ll be getting my copy sometime after 22 this month, as that is when it releases in America. I really can’t wait for it.

      Are you in the Diana Wynne Jones group on Goodreads? I’ve seen someone on there using the same picture as you use on here and I’m just wondering if that’s you?


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