Book Review: Ghost Prison by Joseph Delaney


Billy is an orphan and it’ll soon be time for him to be released from the orphanage. He gets a job working the night shift at a local prison due to a request by someone. The place is haunted with all kinds of ghosts, including one down in the Witch Well, that he is warned to never go near, never to go down there. Too many people have been lost and so only those who are experienced can feed whatever, or whoever, is down there.

I read this book simply because Joseph Delaney is one of my favorite authors and I am a huge fan of The Last Apprentice series.

Ghost Prison is a small book, only under 100 pages. However, it is still full of spooky and tense situations. There is a lot packed into this little book. First off, the illustrations are wonderfully creepy. Scott M. Fischer did a great job.

I think the book has the right amount of scary; it is scary enough, but not too much. I think it would be a fine Halloween read for under 12, even though the book says it is young adult and for ages 12 and up. It’s not quite as scary, or even with gruesome details like The Last Apprentice series, which I do consider young adult and more suited for 12 and up. However, I think this would be fine for someone a bit younger than 12 to read.

The story hooked me right away, and I just couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Something didn’t seem right from the beginning, but the ending still surprised me.

I also thought it was neat that it is set in the same world as The Last Apprentice, but with different characters.

I liked that Joseph Delaney and Scott M. Fischer each shared a true ghost story of their own at the end. I thought it was quite cool, and I enjoyed reading about their experiences. I love reading about true paranormal experiences and I really feel I got a treat with this book. I got a new story by Joseph Delaney, who knows how to write a really good fictional spooky story, and I got a few true stories.

This is a nice spooky little book with great illustrations. I enjoyed it a lot.


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      • No, they aren’t related.

        There is a movie coming out based off The Last Apprentice series though. I think it releases next year now, though I’m not sure of the exact date. It keeps getting pushed back. It will be called The Seventh Son and stars Ben Barnes as Tom Ward.

        Honestly, I’m not very excited for the movie anymore. It seems like all the studio did was use the names of characters and made their own story.


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