New Joseph Delaney Book: A New Darkness

You all know that Joseph Delaney is one of my favorite authors. He’s written The Last Apprentice series, which I love, and I did blog about the final book of series coming out. It’ll be out April 15. I already pre-ordered that and Diana Wynne Jones’s newest book.

I knew Joseph Delaney has been working on some other books. He blogged about it before the final book to The Last Apprentice released in the UK in December. He didn’t tell anyone the title at the time, but I’ve found out it is called A New Darkness, and I’ve seen the covers. The UK cover was just revealed a few days ago. The US cover has been revealed for a few weeks now.

This is the UK cover. I think it is pretty nice.

And this is the US cover. Usually I like the UK covers because they tend to look a lot cooler than the US ones. But I love this one. It just looks so spooky and I love it.

This book will be released in America September 2nd. I was going to pre-order it, but Marc told me not to. I think he wants to get it for me for our anniversary in September. He got me The Last Apprentice: I Am Alice for our anniversary last September. It was the new book in the series at the time, and he knew I wanted it. I can not wait for this new book by Joseph Delaney! 🙂


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