Craft Supplies

I’ve bought some more craft supplies recently. I ordered some craft supplies from a website called Ecanyons. I’ve ordered from them before, and they have great prices, the stuff is really good quality. I didn’t order a lot, but there were a few things I wanted to buy.

other 781


I got a thing of red sinew, 2 four-inch metal hoops, and 2 bone arrow heads. I’m going to use the red sinew for Dreamcatcher webs. Now I can make webs in white, black, brown, blue and red. I’m hoping to eventually get some other colors too.

other 737


other 739


other 740


I just got these beads in the mail today. I ordered them on February 7th from a seller on Amazon, so that is more than a month ago. They were being shipped from China so that’s why it took a while, but they were worth the wait. Aren’t they great? I think they are so cute. What else is awesome is that they are not made from plastic. The little skulls are carved from Magnesite crystal. So, in the future there might be some crystal skull Dreamcatchers 🙂


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