This Time Last Year

This time last year, I was still blogging daily on Xanga and the Xanga Team’s announcement had not happened yet. Xanga was still Xanga, and when I think back to that time, I don’t believe any of us regular Xanga users had any clues about the change that was going to happen. Whenever the Xanga Team updated, they never let us know the website was in a bad state. I’m sure most users knew that Xanga didn’t get the traffic it used to, and that it definitely was not the popular blogging website it once was, but I believe we thought everything was okay. The Xanga Team didn’t lead us to believe otherwise. We only found out when the announcement happened.

And looking back to March of last year, I never thought that WordPress would be where I blogged regular. A lot can change in a year.

And here, a year later, I am blogging on WordPress regular, and honestly don’t visit Xanga much. It’s a big change because Xanga was the first website I would visit every day. I do miss it though, the old Xanga. And next year, around this time, will Xanga still even be around? I don’t know.

I think I’m happier this year, though. I feel I can be myself on here and I lost that on Xanga in 2012.

Those of you who were Xanga regulars, this time last year did you have any idea the Xanga Team would announce what they did? Did you think Xanga was really that bad off?



15 responses to “This Time Last Year

  1. I think it was a huge mistake for them to have never let us know things were getting bad. I feel they were not doing their jobs like they were paid to do. I guess the loss is no big deal if I got some very good friends out of it. 🙂 i like wordpress. I get less weirdos anyway. LoL

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    • I don’t feel they have been doing their job. Even now, people have paid all that money and the Xanga Team hasn’t made a blog post since September! Where are they? They should be updating at least a few times a week to let people know how the progress is going. And if you thought the Xanga community was small before, it is really small now.

      But I am thankful for the friends I made on there. And that I have been able to stay in contact with you and other people from Xanga.


  2. I guess in my own case, it didn’t really matter. I knew xanga had stopped meeting my needs and it was time for me to leave, so I deleted my account just prior to the migration. But I’ve had an interesting experience. There are still a few people blogging on xanga who I would like to read from time-to-time, and I know the team said you wouldn’t need an account if all you wanted to do was read, but what I’m finding is that if you don’t already know someone’s xanga name and blog address, there doesn’t seem to be a way to find them. In fact, if you don’t have an account, there doesn’t seem to be a point of entry anywhere that actually gets you into xanga. So if someone new were looking to start a blog on xanga, I’m not sure they’d be able to.


    • Yeah, it’s really hard to find people on there. On the old Xanga you would just friend or subscribe to someone and see whatever they posted. It’s not like that anymore. You just go to “Reading” and see what everyone has posted for the day. It seems there is no way to only follow certain people anymore.

      I’m not even sure how anyone could sign up for an account. Last I knew, the sign up button was gone. And if the Xanga Team really wanted the website to survive, why did they get rid of the sign up button? It seems they just don’t care anymore.


  3. I was clueless.
    And I think they should of notified the Xanga users sooner than they did.
    It is all very sad.
    I’m so glad, though, to have made SO many friends there! (And I’m glad so many of you are here on WordPress! 🙂 ) I will always be grateful to Xanga for that reason…friends like YOU!!! 🙂
    HUGS and ♥ !!! 🙂


    • They definitely should have told people sooner. And when the announcement happened, people wanted the Xanga Team to send out a mass e-mail and they never did.

      I’m glad about all the friends I made too, and that I’ve been able to stay in contact with so many people from Xanga.


  4. I had no idea that it would close. I miss Xanga and it’s community feel. I’ve only been able to keep up with a few people. I also feel bad for those who contributed to the fundraiser, for what did they do with the thousands that they raised? Seems as if they took the money and ran. I’m trying to reach out and find people here, but it’s not easy.


    • I’ve found a lot of people from Xanga on here. Everyone that commented on this post is from Xanga. It would be nice to find more former Xangans though.

      I’m wondering what they did with the money too. It really does seem like they just took it and ran.


    • I was surprised too. I signed on the day of the announcement and saw so many posts about Xanga closing and everything. I thought “What’s going on?” and then I saw the post from the Xanga Team.

      I only visit Xanga sometimes because a friend paid for a year for me. It wouldn’t be so bad if the Xanga Team kept their promises, but new Xanga is nothing like the old Xanga. You get more features with a free wordpress account than you do paying the $48 a year for the new Xanga.


  5. I was also very surprised by the announcement. The fundraiser was handled very poorly and from what I can still see from the few people I still visit there, the product is pretty bad. I don’t know if it will last. I do miss xanga, but am glad I have about five or six people from there on WP that I can follow. I’ve also met a couple new people which is also nice. If WP were to adopt a community aspect and feel to it, that would be amazing.


  6. It was obvious Xanga was fading, but the announcement still came out of the blue. I’ve been extremely disappointed with Xanga 2.0. It is very very limited and there have been no upgrades since the launch. I only check it every couple of weeks (can’t get into it from work). I won’t renew when my year subscription is done.

    I do miss the community feel. WP is great in other ways, but doesn’t have that.


    • I knew Xanga didn’t get the traffic that it used to, and I’m sure all the regular users knew that too. But I don’t remember before the announcement the Xanga Team ever saying the website was in trouble. They just kind of seemed like everything was going okay..

      I’m disappointed with Xanga 2.0 too. The Xanga Team hasn’t delivered on any of the promises they made. It’s been what, 6 months, since the relaunch? and it’s just like they don’t even care.

      I miss the community too. That’s what was great about Xanga. I don’t miss the drama, though.


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