So Long, Open Diary

Another old-time blogging site is gone. And I know Xanga isn’t gone, but it feels like it. Xanga just isn’t the same anymore.

Anyway, Open Diary launched in 1998 and was created by Bruce Ableson and has been considered the first blogging community.

I wasn’t a user of Open Diary as long as I was of Xanga. I only started a blog on Open Diary in 2010, I believe and it was just to try it out. I found that Open Diary felt the most like Xanga, it had that community feel that us Xangans love so much.

When the Xanga Team first announced their plans to shut down or go to pay to blog, my original plans were to begin my blogging on Open Diary once Xanga shut down or started to require payment to blog.

Many people from Xanga came to WordPress and I already had a blog on here that I used some, mainly to blog about things I felt I could no longer share on Xanga. So, I decided to begin blogging here regularly, both as a new start and because a lot of people I read on Xanga came here and I wanted to continue to read their posts.

I found out that my decisions to blog on WordPress regularly was a good thing. Open Diary shut down on February 7th and I only learned so after the fact. There was no e-mail or anything. The only users that knew about it were the ones that signed in on a regular basis. I didn’t log in all that often on Open Diary, but I did visit maybe once a month. Sometimes more often, sometimes less often. I still visited though and wrote posts on there sometimes. And because of never being notified by e-mail, I didn’t get to download my blog entries on there.

The creator announced in late January Open Diary was shutting down. He told the users they had 2 weeks to download their entries. 10 days later the website was shut down. So, I, among other users, visited the website and found it was gone.

It makes me sad because I did like Open Diary, it was one of the old-time blog sites still around and it was shut down just like that. And Xanga while still around, just isn’t Xanga anymore.

But at least I decided not to blog on Open Diary on a regular basis after Xanga switched to pay to blog. If I did, I would have ended up having to find another blogging home anyway. I’m glad to be on WordPress, but it’s sad to see Open Diary is gone and that Xanga isn’t what it once was.

Did you know Open Diary shut down? Do you miss the old Xanga? Are there any websites you liked, but have shut down?


5 responses to “So Long, Open Diary

  1. I’ve never used Open Diary. I used Myspace for a short while. I used Xanga for years. I’ve used blogger for years and still do. I feel pretty comfortable on WordPress. I was here before Xanga closed. I forget which ones now but I’ve been on other sites that have closed.


  2. I didn’t know of Open Diary.
    I think it’s sad when anything like that shuts down. But, I guess people are always on to the latest, newest thing.

    I still think the old Xanga had the best feel of community and fun. I don’t miss the drama and fighting that I observed there, but I miss the good feelings and good people I met there. I am so glad to have so many good friends, who left Xanga, but still keep in touch with me. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. I miss Xanga, not the drama, which I never got into our even bothered following. Sad how they raised funds then let it die anyway. Would have been more ethical to close it down then take money… It’s as good as gone, at least to me since I can no longer post. Learning to use WordPress, but miss the community.


  4. I didn”t use Open Diary. Yes I miss the old Xanga the way it used to be. I am happy to be here on WP and have found old friends like you, and also made some new ones.


  5. I do miss the “feel” of Xanga. And I guess it was that community type atmosphere impression that it gave you that made it special. There was something about the whole way you was able to interact with others. It was an era in blogging gone. Sad to see so many places falling. Is it a cultural change going on?


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