Three Kings Day And A Play

On Sunday I went to a meeting at Stonehaven Farms. They usually get together about once a month and discuss the books of Rudolf Steiner. This past Sunday the meeting was about Three Kings Day, which is actually celebrated on the 6th of January. They waited until this past Sunday so we could come.

It was an interesting meet. The three Kings, or also known as the three Wise Men, I’ve always known about them. They each brought a gift for the baby Jesus when he was born. But what I learned on Sunday was that Christmas was originally celebrated on January 6th, which also celebrated the Three Kings visiting the baby Jesus. Apparently, even the Catholic church had originally celebrated Christmas on January 6th. However, it was eventually changed to December 25th to focus only on the baby Jesus.

That’s important, but the person who started the group, explained why Three Kings Day is important as well. The Wise Men, known as Kings, or the Magi, were seers. They were able to see that God’s son was sent to earth to live a human life and so they brought him gifts, each gift with its own meaning.

I was given a paper that explains a bit more about this and once I find it, I’ll write a bit more about Three Kings Day. It’s really interesting.

At the meeting on Sunday we also did the Three Kings Play. It was me, my boyfriend, my mom and Scott there. We all had a part. My mom was a Prophetess, I believe. Scott was Melchior, Marc was Caspar and I was Balthazar. I was nervous. I was never in a play before. And during the play, we had our scripts to read. We didn’t practice months or even weeks in advance. It’s a play for the members of the group really and I guess they don’t see the need for everyone to have to try to remember their lines.

I was also nervous because I don’t really like reading aloud. I have no problem reading. I’m actually very good at it, but when I was younger, I really struggled with learning to read. Since I wasn’t very good at it, it made me nervous to read in front of people, especially since I didn’t want to be made fun of.

But during the play, I think I did fine. It was no award-winning performance, but I read all my lines without messing up. The play was written in Old English and I was even able to read that fine. Old English is kind of interesting to read, actually.

It was pretty fun. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Have you ever been in a play? Have you heard of Three Kings Day?


4 responses to “Three Kings Day And A Play

  1. I have heard of Three Kings Day. I didn’t know much about it until I read this. Thanks for the information.
    I was in a play or two when I was a child. I don’t remember much about it now.


  2. I started in plays at 7 years old and continued to do them all though my school-days. I loved being in plays! I’ve been in a few as an adult, as I’ve been needed. All of my kids did plays from little kids through college. 🙂

    I’m glad you had such a good time and participated! 🙂

    This was interesting about the Three Kings Day. I’d heard of it but didn’t know much about it.
    HUGS!!! 🙂


  3. My wife Anne told me about how her family celebrated “The Feast of the Three Kings” when she was a little girl. In Hungary as a child she would put out her shoes and something for the Kings animals to eat. Then the Kings would visit in the night and leave some small gift (candy, toy, or fruit) in her shoes. It was an important part of her childhood. Her family celebrated Christmas with the though that Christ loved you so much that he gave you gifts on His birthday. But “The Feast of the Three Kings” was the time that the Kings gave their gifts to the Christ child and that became for her a very important day of the year. She honored the memory of those gifts given to the Christ child all her life. When she moved to this country her family stopped doing that because it was not an American tradition. Her family wanted to become very American, so they left all of the old traditions behind, and started new ones. The thing was that the Christmas tree had to stay up until after “The Feast of the Three Kings” day was over. By doing that it kept the memory of her childhood alive for her. She never started the tradition of celebrating that feast day with her children; it was not an American tradition. Becoming an American was the biggest thing in her life! The joke she had about her marrying me. Was that her first husband’s family came over on the Mayflower, but that wasn’t American enough for her. By marrying me she had the done that one better by marrying somebody whose family history dated back to the people who greeted those who came over on the Mayflower.


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