Middletown Library Book Sale

The Middletown library book was at the beginning of November. Seeing as how it’s taken me this long to post about it, you can see I’ve gotten backed up on posts I want to write. With being busy doing different stuff and then getting sick, I haven’t been able to blog about everything I’ve wanted to, or do all the things I’ve wanted, or needed to do.

But these are the books I got:

other 732


other 733


Yes, this is a picture book and one of my favorites. It’s by Jack Prelutsky. He writes poetry for children and although I am not his target demographic, I still love his books. His poetry is good, fun and very enjoyable, even for adults, I think.

I didn’t get as many books as I did in May when Middletown had their first book sale, but I still got some good ones. There were some other books I bought as well, but they are Christmas gifts and so they aren’t pictured.

The next library book sale won’t be until April, 2014. That is usually when the Mount Joy has their book sale. So, I will be looking forward to that one.


6 responses to “Middletown Library Book Sale

  1. I always enjoy seeing the books you are buying and reading! The dragon cover illustration is cool and fun! I bet the poems are, too! I LOVE children’s books and have quite a collection from teaching! 🙂 I think books are THE BEST gifts! 🙂
    HollyJollyHUGS!!! 🙂


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