Pocahontas is a historical figure that was born around 1595. She is also known as Matoaka, Amounte and later, Rebecca Rolfe. She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan.

Pocahontas was around 12 when John Smith and the other settlers arrived. John Smith was around 27 at the time. Pocahontas and John Smith became friends and later said by John Smith that she had saved his life. However, no one knows if this is really true, or Smith made up the account.

Pocahontas was captured by the English in 1613, during which there was much hostilities between the Indians and English. She would be given back if her father, Chief Powhatan, would release the English captives he had as well as give back the English weapons he had. But he did not return all the items and the English weren’t happy. Pocahontas rebuked her father for choosing weapons over her and said she preferred to stay with the English.

While in the English settlement, she met John Rolfe, who was a widower and a tobacco farmer. Eventually Pocahontas converted to Christianity taking the name Rebecca and she married John Rolfe. Together they had a child that they named Thomas. 

In 1616, the family went to London where Pocahontas became a bit of a celebrity. While there, Pocahontas had even met the King and saw her old friend John Smith, who she thought to be dead.

In 1617, the family set sail to come home to Virginia. However, Pocahontas did not make it home. She became very ill and died at age 22 in England. 

In 1995, Pocahontas was made into an animated character by Disney. But I will save my opinions on that and on Pocahontas the real person and Pocahontas the animated character for another post.


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