Holiday Bazaar

holiday bazaar 11-24 (1)


The Holiday Bazaar is this Sunday and I am excited. Above is the flyer for the Bazaar. I also wanted to say that if there is something you wanted to buy from my store, it would be a good time to get it. Late Saturday, I will be pausing my items on Webstore and hiding them on Storenvy until I return home. The items currently listed may be gone after Sunday. I am taking them and some other items I haven’t yet listed to sale.

I may not have the items listed after the Bazaar. If so, I will have to make new items to list. But I wanted to let everyone know in case there was something they really wanted.

And Christmas will be here soon. The items I have listed currently would make great gifts.

Tsalagi Dreams on Webstore

Tsalagi Dreams on Storevny

You can heck out my store’s facebook for updates and see new items when they are listed.


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