Positivity Week Day 7: Remembering

Today is about remember people ( or pets ) who have passed, but in someway, had a positive affect on your life.

I have a few people and pets I want to remember for this day.

Recently someone who is a friend of mine, his wife passed away. I had met both of them only once, but his wife did have a positive affect on me. I won’t go into detail as he wants to keep his life private except for friends knowing stuff. But we both had similar experiences and for once, I felt that I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only one like I thought. That really had a positive impact on me and even made me change the way I see things a little.

I want to remember all my hamsters that have passed: Luke, Vivi, Garnet, Karg, Kairi, Azrael, Squanto, Bulma, Pantalaimon, Squall, Xena and Arc. Also, my dog Timon and my bird Tweety. They were all a positive in my life simply because they made me happy and they loved me.

I want to remember Diana Wynne Jones. I never met her, but I felt as if I knew her. She was a positive in my life because I started writing again.

Thank you to all who joined in on Positivity Week. I can’t believe the week went so fast. I’ve enjoyed all your entries and I will be doing this again next year. Thank you all again for joining.


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