The Walking Dead Season 4

Last Sunday was the season 4 premiere of The Walking DeadMy boyfriend and I have been waiting for season 4, since this is one of our favorite shows. We’re not the only ones who have been waiting for this and it’s made apparent by the fact the premiere had 16.1 million viewers.

The show is doing well, has been getting good ratings since the first season and seems to continue to get more and more viewers.

The show is great, I love it and I can’t wait until the new episode this Sunday. Wow at what happened at the end of season 4 episode 1. I’m not going to say what happened in case some people haven’t watched it yet.

Did you watch the season 4 premiere? How long have you been watching the show?


2 responses to “The Walking Dead Season 4

  1. OOH! This is one of my fav shows!!! I’ve been watching since the first season, episode one!!! I was so excited that season 4 started! Wow, it was a wild beginning episode…and more new characters to get to know! 🙂
    Another of my fav shows is Homeland. It started recently, too. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Ha I did a funny post for Xanga on The Walking Dead and then didn’t post it. I wasn’t sure how people would feel about it.


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