We’re Not All The Same

The other day I posted about this really neat Pikachu hoodie that Hot Topic has. And I wanted it so bad! I love Pokemon, Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokemon and having a Pikachu hoodie that had Pikachu ears would have been cool.

I went to the closest Hot Topic to me because I wanted to see how the hoodies looked and which would fit me the best. The largest they had was a 2X and I don’t wear a 2X. I wear large or X-large when it comes to t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. So, a 2X should have fit me. It should have been way too big on me, actually.

But it wasn’t. It was too small. This is a problem with woman’s clothes that just seems to get worse.  For whatever reason, these clothing companies must think that all woman have the same type of body, that basically we’re all the same size and when a women’s shirt is a X-Large, it’s not really an X-Large. It’s not only Hot Topic that carries clothes like this. K-mart, Wal-mart and pretty much any place that carries women’s clothing has clothes like this.

I’m not skinny, but I don’t wear plus size clothing. It’s too big for me. But I’m having more and more problems finding women’s clothing, especially t-shirts, hoodies, etc that fit me. Even though it says it is my size, they don’t fit. When it comes to women’s clothing anymore larges aren’t larges, X-Larges aren’t X-Larges. And I can only think it is because the clothing companies have some type of idea in their head that all women’s bodies are the same. Or maybe, it is their way of saying that is how all women’s bodies should be. Either way, it is annoying and disappointing. I am very disappointed because I won’t be getting the Pikachu hoodie now. What’s the point of buying it when it doesn’t fit right?

And another thing, why whenever I go to the women’s/girls clothing, or the girls toy section, there is so much pink? I know for some people pink is their favorite color, but this color is just shoved down girls and women’s throats. I’ve been to the tool section of Wal-mart and they even have tools just especially for women. I know they are for women because they’re pink.

I’m not putting anyone down who likes pink, but for whatever reason, companies seem to think all girls and women are the same. And since we’re all the same, we all like pink and have the same size bodies. It’s just annoying.

Sorry for the rant.


19 responses to “We’re Not All The Same

  1. I’m a plus size. But I’ve found that Old Navy seems to be true to size, plus sized or not, for the majority of their stuff for most reviews and people I’ve talked with.


    • I’ll have to check out Old Navy. I used to buy some clothes from Fashion Bug when they were open, but when Lane Bryant bought them out, they closed all the Fashion Bug stores down. Their clothes were nice and when it said it was a large (or any size) that’s what it was.


  2. clothing size is not limited to women. i have trouble getting the right size too and i am not a skinny man. lol i like my shirts to be a little big so i go for the 2x size now and depending on the brand, even that will be a bit small or short in length of the body or the sleeves. i have to wear regular clothes to work now so i find it hard to get nice, fitting stuff.


    • My boyfriend isn’t skinny either and likes to wear clothes that’s a bit big on him as well. He’s also tall. He gets most of his clothes from Wal-mart and K-mart. But sometimes there will be a shirt he wants and they don’t have it in his size and it annoys him. I actually buy guys graphic t-shirts at Wal-mart because they fit me right lol


  3. Well that’s what you get for shopping at Hot Topic. That is one of THE most trendy places to shop. Much like A&F and other stores like them, they like to advertise their clothing on their clothing, and therefore decided that they only want “attractive” people wearing the brand. They generally don’t hire people to work there unless they fit in this group. It is the main reason I refuse to shop at most stores, because a) I am not a billboard and b) that is no way to treat a person.

    However, there are other places to attain your hoodie. Google it, there is eBay and Amazon and Etsy. I feel your frustration, despite I myself have stopped wearing women’s clothing for the most part. I’m sorry you feel frustrated with the situation, and I agree it is disappointing, but don’t let that stop you from getting what you want. I think you would look adorable in a Pikachu hoodie. šŸ™‚


    • That’s the first time I’ve been in a Hot Topic store for years. At one time, it was my favorite place to shop and I’d go there a lot. But I got tired of some of the clothes I wanted not in my size and their prices are way too high.

      I looked on ebay for the Pikachu hoodie, but it’s the same one that Hot Topic is selling so I know it won’t fit me. It’s a women’s hoodie and when it comes to clothing being label as women’s I’m careful buying because I know there is a good chance they won’t fit me. That’s why I went to Hot Topic to try it on. If they would have had the same Pikachu hoodie in guys clothing, then I could have worn that.

      A lot of the shirts I buy are from the guys section in Wal-mart or K-mart. Wal-mart gets a lot of cool graphic t-shirts like Nintendo ones and they are in colors that I like. The Halloween t-shirt I got a few weeks ago is from the guys section in Wal-mart.

      I’ll just keep looking and maybe I’ll find that Pikachu hoodie in guys clothing..


    • I like flowers that are pink, but whenever I go into a store and see pink stuff, I just groan. I know for a fact it was made with women/girls in mind. It’s like companies want women/girls only to like pink.


  4. When it comes to toy sections in stores, I think it’s important for parents to emphasize that there is no particular “girl aisle” or “boy aisle” of toys. They are just toys. Meant for all children.

    Girls’ toys are so disconcerting to me. Not just the color of the toys, but the actual toys themselves. Girls have miniature vacuum cleaners and plastic cooking sets. It’s preaching this type of domesticity that literally makes me cringe. Likewise, some boys’ toys are overtly violent, which makes me sad too.

    To say the least, toys freak me out these days. They are one of the many reasons I can’t imagine being a parent right now.


    • I agree about the toy section. Toys are toys and all should be for girls and boys.

      I’ve seen the kitchen sets for girls and then boys have tool sets. When I was a kid, I had dolls, cars, all kinds of toys. My parents let me pick what I wanted and didn’t tell me that something wasn’t appropriate for me because I was a girl. All kids should be able to have any toy, not ones that people think they should have based on gender.


  5. To be honest, I’m slightly overweight, but even so, the smallest I can be and fit is a size 10-12, which depending on the brand is L-XL because of my bodyshape. I’m surprised that they don’t take a little more time and effort to realize not everyone has the same body-type or demetions


  6. Yeah the sizing on clothes is very very messed up… I know what you mean with the hot topic sizing, their sizes seem to run small. Womens graphic tees in walmart and target run small too! I find myself having to wear three sizes larger than my normal shirt size, it’s crazy!

    That’s too bad you weren’t able to get what you wanted šŸ˜¦


  7. I actually think that pink has become a more popular color in the last few years and it might have something to do with all the pink you see during breast cancer awareness month. Used to be that guys weren’t supposed to wear pink, but now, it’s acceptible. I don’t mind seei g the pink fishing poles and tool sets, because it might make them more desirable to the girls who DO want their things to be pink.I wish that consumers wouldn’t let advertising effect them so much, but that’s an issue as old as civilization.
    I agree with you about the sizing of clothes these days. I used to just buy mediums and assume they would fit; now, I might need a small OR a large! I sent for a bra awhile ago using THEIR sizing chart and it was too small. Very irritating.


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