In the picture is Squanto, me and my boyfriend’s oldest hamster. He wasn’t as young as most of the hamsters we buy. He was probably around seven months old, bigger than the hamsters we normally buy, but still not full-grown yet.

We even bought him from a different pet store than we usually get our hamsters from. He was the sweetest one out of all the hamsters there. Even the people at the store loved him. The guy said that the other workers would be upset to find out someone had bought him.

Like all hamsters, Squanto had his own personality and he was just a great little guy. He was always the first one to be up top, ready to get out. He loved getting out and sitting with my boyfriend and I.

A few days ago, Squanto passed away. He wasn’t sick or anything. He just simply died from old age. He was probably around 3 years old.

I really miss him. I love all my hamsters and it’s hard to lose them. But I know he is okay and I’m glad my boyfriend and I were able to have him.


10 responses to “Squanto

  1. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that Squanto died. 😦 He was such a handsome fellow. I’m so glad you had him in your life…and I’m so glad he had you and Marc in his life.
    I can’t imagine life without our pet-friends!


  2. My kids had a series of pet rats, but the first one was the outstanding one. My daughter inherited her from a friend going overseas. Emma was really sweet. It’s funny how rodents can have so much personality. I can understand how you could get attached to Squanto and miss him when he’s gone.


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