A few weekends ago I went to Gettysburg. My boyfriend Marc, Scott, my parents and I all went. We got out there earlier than we normally do. We checked out some of the shops, I got a pair of moccasins until I learn to make myself a pair and we went to a store called Ghostly Images. They have a few different tours you can do, including inside one where you can sit and listen to the “ghosts” tell their stories.

They seat you in a room, that has a few areas for you to watch while the stories are being told. Some of the items in the room are setup to move, so not everything that happens is paranormal. However, you are inside a haunted building while sitting there and listening to these stories. Some people have had paranormal experiences during the stories. We didn’t experience anything, but nonetheless, it was fun. And I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get any pictures while we were inside. I didn’t bring my camera into the store because usually when you do stuff like that, they don’t want you taking pictures. After we were already in the room and the stories were about to begin is when we were informed taking pictures were allowed.

But it was fun and runs about 23 minutes. It’s only $3.75 and it is inside the Ghostly Images store. If you’re in Gettysburg, I recommend it. It is a fun experience and doesn’t cost very much.

We got to spend some time out on the battlefield. Our first stop was at Culps Hill.

other 662

This is at Culps Hill. It has stairs so you can go all the way up to the top.

other 663

It’s kind of dark, but you can see Marc and Scott went up. Scott was really enjoying himself up there lol

other 664

This was taken at the Pennsylvania monument. At one time, when we went out to Gettysburg every Saturday, the Pennsylvania monument was one of our usual stops.

other 665

I forget what this area of the battlefield is called, but it’s another we used to stop at quite often.

other 666

And finally, Sachs Bridge. When the battlefield closes, this is where we spend the rest of our night until we decide to head home.

While in Gettysburg, after leaving the battlefield and before heading to Sachs Bridge, we made a stop at the Haunted Gettysburg store. It’s my favorite store in Gettysburg. And honestly, if I lived in Gettysburg, I’d most likely visit that store once every day.

I didn’t buy anything while I was there, but I like going there and seeing what items they have. They sell some really nice clothing there. I have number of t-shirts that I’ve bought from there over the years.

After finishing our visit to the store, we headed for Sachs Bridge. As always, it was busy. We walked around, took some pictures and chatted with each other. Eventually we settled on the bridge itself for a while and talked. None of us had any experiences that night. And when you ghost hunt, that’s what happens. You don’t get activity every time. Sometimes, there is a lot of activity and we’re getting great pictures, EVPs, etc. And other times, nothing is happening. But that’s okay. Being out in Gettysburg was fun anyway. I really enjoy going out there and I think the day goes too fast every time we go. It’s just relaxing to be out there and since we don’t go every weekend like before, I make sure to enjoy myself because I never know how soon I’ll go back.

After leaving the bridge, we stopped for a sneak and a drink, then headed home.

It was a great day. We all had fun. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures from my latest adventure at Gettysburg.


6 responses to “Gettysburg

  1. Thanks for sharing this post and photos!
    It seems like such an interesting place to visit!
    I love hearing people’s stories related to the paranormal…spirits…etc.
    So many men died there during the battle…like 8,000 and many wounded, if I remember correctly.
    Do they believe the ghost encounters there are still related to those who died in the war? Or is it a haunted place for other reasons?
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…thanks for showing me your new moccasins! They’re very cool!


  2. I always enjoy your Gettysburg photo blogs. It looks and sounds like such an interesting place. I remember Sachs Bridge from your previous blogs.
    $3.75 is a great price of the tour. Fun!
    I think I’d like to go up in the tower.


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