On Sunday I went to a book meeting. Me, my boyfriend and my mom have recently started attending meetings of a group in Hershey, which isn’t very far from us. It’s not a book group exactly, but they do have group readings of books. The book that we started is called The Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner. I believe the group follows the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. He was a philosopher and from what I know of him and his teaching so far is interesting.

But at the meeting on Sunday, we started the book by reading the preface. We are to read Chapter one before September 8th, which is when the next meeting is.

But what a member of the group asked is that at next meeting for people to share what is true freedom to them.

I think this is interesting and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s answers at the next meeting.

But I have been thinking what I’m going to say, how I’m going to explain what I think true freedom is.

I think true freedom is more than just the freedom we have in America. True freedom is more than just having the choice on who you vote for, the choice in your religion, beliefs, or the choice of your clothes.

But I think true freedom first starts within ourselves, with exploring and learning, sometimes with struggles, and just learning how to completely be yourself and accept yourself as you are. Then, I think we can begin to uncover true freedom and it’s meaning to us.

What is true freedom to you?


16 responses to “Freedom

    • Yes, I do agree with that. I know we are better off in America than in some other countries, but we don’t have complete freedom here either.

      But I believe true freedom is more than what a government grants its people.


  1. I don’t think we have true freedom in the US at all. Certainly not right now, if we ever did. I think maybe Capt. Sparrow had it about right. The Black Pearl is freedom. Freedom is being able to head for the horizon. The flip side of my view on freedom come from Janis Joplin “freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” Doing whatever without fear of loss.
    Personally, I have only felt moments of freedom (which is very much ok, my responsibilities are pretty wonderful), being in the ocean, driving on the highway, painting, swinging (I know, dorky), stuff like that.


  2. Freedom is easy to define when you don’t have it and difficult when you do. I think it does start on the inside, but it is critical to have it on the outside too. Being imprisioned by events around you can make you stronger, but it also makes you appreciate your freedom and independence. I’m thinking about Nelson Mandela and the physical affects of his lack of freedom on his body today. He started a revolution but it came with personal cost.


  3. freedom for us is a community thing, it’s not a common concept or it wasn’t till we got conquered… it’s linked to fulfilling your roles and responsibilities to your peers, to your people.


  4. What you said about true freedom is exactly how I feel…it doesn’t come from the government, or any other group or any person…it starts within us…because when we can totally be ourselves and accept ourselves we find freedom.

    So whether we are in prison or a concentration for standing up for our beliefs or because of our ethnicity…or we are in a crowd of strangers…or being bullied by someone…or all alone…we feel that freedom within us and we can feel joy. πŸ™‚

    Many people in history were not free physically…but in their hearts they were! Even to the point of death or being killed…they knew true freedom in their hearts! πŸ™‚

    The book meeting sounds so cool! πŸ™‚

    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


    • I didn’t think I explained it well, but you definitely got what I think true freedom is. Physical freedom is important too, but if we’re not happy with ourselves, we don’t accept ourselves, etc, even if we have physical freedom, we aren’t completely free.

      I think you would like the meeting. I wish you lived here. You could come to the meeting with me. The people there are so nice. It’s actually at a farm that was built in the 1700s! The place is so neat. I have pictures of it and I don’t think I’ve posted them yet. I will try to post them soon so you can see the house.


  5. I am not talking about freedom allowed me by the country and govt I live in, but personal freedom to be who I am.
    Freedom to be respected and accepted for who I am, and the freedom to kick people who want to change me to he curb.
    I am free to accept myself and to make my own changes as I see fit.
    I am mentally free to soear above the clud sin my thoughts and to feel the sun.


  6. You know, you’re going to have to have some kids to share all these wonderful stories with. I used to love going to the library with my kids to pick out books together for bedtime reading. One of our favorites was one called Barn Dance written all in poetry and full of wonderful illustrations. It was cozy time in the evenings when we sat down together to read. I think you’d love that… the magic of sharing a well-spun tale.


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