Haunted History Is Back!

I was browsing the tv channels last night after watching Mountain Monsters and found that Haunted History was on. I’ve seen all the episodes many times, but decided to watch it anyway because it has always been a paranormal show I really like. Well, I checked to see what episode it was and saw that it was from the year 2013. I thought that couldn’t be right, the last episode aired sometime in 2001. The show ran from 1998/1999 to 2001 and since then, it’s only be reruns that aired on TV.

But it seems that, like A Haunting, Haunted History has been revived after airing their last episode many years ago.

I was surprised, but excited. Haunted History has been one of my favorite paranormal shows since I first watched it many years ago. I still watch the reruns whenever I see them on.

New episodes air Fridays at 10pm. This past Friday was about the Mason family murders and people investigating the areas where the murders happened to try and contact the ghosts of the people who were murdered. It was interesting. Next week is about Gettysburg and I can’t wait to watch it.

Does anyone else watch this show? Did you know it was back?


10 responses to “Haunted History Is Back!

  1. I have heard of it, and may have caught a episode or two along the way. Sounds pretty cool. I watch a lot of the paranormal show like ghost adventures, and paranormal witness. I’ll check out this one too. Gotta love when they bring stuff back.


  2. What channel/network is that on? I’d love to watch the Gettysburg one! I usually watch Ghost Adventures. I’ve watched other ghosts shows but they look so fake. Sometimes I am not so sure about Ghost Adventures but I watch it anyway. It’s always interesting when they visit historical sites. I know they’ve been to Gettysburg as well. 🙂


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