Xanga, Change And Fear

Come July 15th Xanga will either shut down or go to pay to blog. For years I’ve heard that Xanga is dying and I never believed it. The Xanga Team never really let on that they were in trouble. So I felt there was nothing to worry about. People probably just thought that because Xanga wasn’t as popular as it once was. But when I saw the Xanga Team’s post a few weeks ago, I knew it was true this time; Xanga could really be dying.

I was in shock for a few days. I’ve been on Xanga for 8 years. I shared so much there and met many great people. How it could just die? I was sad, too. The place where I’ve blogged for years will be gone or just become a place where I can no longer blog since I can’t pay. But after the shock had gone away and most of the sadness, I did become angry. I don’t feel that the Xanga Team is handling the situation well. The users of Xanga had 45 days (I think it’s 30 something days now) to save Xanga by raising $60,000 for the website to relaunch. But the Xanga Team has known they’ve been in trouble for a while and they wait until now to tell the users. And once Xanga relaunches, the only ones able to blog will be the ones who paid to do so. I know there are users, like me, who have been using Xanga free the entire time they’ve been on there. I’ve just never had the money to buy premium and I don’t have the money to pay for a membership on the new Xanga either. I was actually going to save up and when Lifetime premium came back, I was going to buy that. I don’t think that will be happening now though.

Anyway, I know there are some people who have used it for free. But even so, I have been a loyal user. I’ve even gotten a few people to sign up on Xanga and I always said good things about Xanga to people. I’ve told many people what a great blogging website it is, how the community is great. But it just seems none of that matters now. I just feel that the Xanga Team doesn’t really care about the users, especially those who aren’t paying. They haven’t updated in about two weeks since the announcement. Instead it is a user on Xanga doing the updates since he talks to the Xanga Team. But really, they should be the ones updating people on the fundraiser and such. Really, I just feel a lot of stuff is wrong with what’s going on.

I understand people wanting to save Xanga. It’s been my blogging home for a long time and it’s hard to imagine that one day it just won’t be there for me to log into. But even if I had the money, I don’t feel I could support a website that is run the way the Xanga Team runs Xanga. I’m just upset by what’s going on and I’ve decided to express it on here, instead of Xanga.

As much as I love Xanga and consider it my online home, for over a year now I’ve been careful what I blog about on there. Since people know what happened and without going into many details, what happened was I posted about my experiences with racism and it was hard for me to post. It was something I’ve only ever really talked about with my boyfriend, but a blogger on Xanga asked others to share their experiences of racism. I did and I didn’t get a very positive reaction. There was even a blogger on there that made fun of me and a lot of people, even ones that I read on regular basis, thought her post was funny. It hurt and I put up a guard on Xanga.

Before that, however, it was my place where I could express anything freely without being attacked or being made fun of. And that is why, a little over a year ago, I began to post on here. WordPress became my place to express my thoughts and opinions freely. It still is, which is why I’m posting this on here.

But with the recent announcement of Xanga possibly shutting down, I’ve given my wordpress link to some Xangans that didn’t have it before and some others have found me on here. That has made me fearful. Not because I think anyone of you who is following is going to attack my thoughts or opinions. Although my blog is public, it’s been more private than Xanga has and I feel safe here, where I don’t feel that way on Xanga anymore. So by giving out my link and others finding me, I just feel kind of vulnerable. It’s nothing against anyone and I thank all of you for following me. It’s just my experience on Xanga made me afraid to share with a larger audience. I’m going to continue to share on here though, freely expressing my thoughts and opinions. It will be a change having more people read my blog on here, but a good change. It will help me to open up again and some of you will get to know me better through reading what I share here. I just help you all understand my being fearful after my experience on Xanga.

And that is actually why I haven’t shared my feelings about the current situation on Xanga. I don’t want to be attacked and I’ve seen some members that can’t pay or not willing to pay being attacked. Some hurtful things have been said too. I read one person said that if friendships made on Xanga were really important, then people would pay the yearly fee. If they don’t pay, then that means the friendships made meant nothing.

I don’t think it was right to say that. I’ve made a lot of friends on Xanga that I’m grateful for. But if I can’t pay, then my friends mean nothing to me? That’s not true at all. Right after I read the announcement, I began messaging people with my contact information. If my friends didn’t matter, then I wouldn’t have bothered to do that.

Honestly, at times, on Xanga it feels like it’s paying user vs. non-paying user. And those of us who aren’t donating (for whatever reason), there is an awful lot of pressure. I’ve gotten many mass messages about donating, posts every day on my home page about donating. It’s just kind of making my remaining time on Xanga not enjoyable.

I love Xanga. I always will. I have so many memories on there, so much I shared and friends that are just amazing. I am grateful for all of that. Whether Xanga shuts down or goes to pay to blog, I’ll be sad either. It will be a change. Xanga will either be gone or just won’t be the same. And not logging in there every day will just be a huge change. So will blogging elsewhere on a regular basis. As much as what’s happening with Xanga makes me sad, I’m beginning to think maybe it is good. It is definitely a change, but perhaps it will be for the best.

I’m still in contact with my Xanga friends, some of you follow me on here and although this isn’t Xanga, I still have a place to blog. So, yes, this is a big change. But for me, I think it will be a good one.


15 responses to “Xanga, Change And Fear

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Something isn’t right with the xanga team… I don’t feel they did things the way they should have done it, I honestly think they want xanga to just die. I’m too, still sad over the soon-to-be loss of the site, but I can’t bring myself to post on there without it feeling like a waste of time. I appreciate everything I have gained from xanga, and I will always have a fond memory of it… But I cannot bring myself to pay to blog on there…. I can’t do it. WordPress is working just fine for me, and like you said, it’s probably some much needed change, for the best!!

    I truly hope you will remain feeling comfortable about posting your thoughts and feelings on WordPress without having to put your guard up. Some people on xanga were out of place to do what they did.
    Great post! 🙂


    • I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made on Xanga and have some great memories also. But I don’t feel I can pay to blog there either, even if I had the money to do so. Like you said, I just don’t feel there isn’t something right.

      I’ve decided that I will always post my thoughts and opinions on WordPress. If someone would decide to not be nice, then in a nice way, I would tell them that their comment is not appreciated. If they would continue, then I would say it is my blog, I have the right to post whatever I want and if they don’t agree and feel the need to fight, then they don’t need to comment.

      But so far, I’ve had not problems on WordPress. I like it here.


  2. I have been paying for premium plus for over eight years and had three years more paid for. I was told by the xanga team that if they stayed open I would loose all of that on July 15 when they change over and I would have to shell out $48 plus loose what I have already paid.
    For the past year I have mentioned in my blog about how slow xanga was and how I could not post, change theames, leave comments or post photos. I was wondering what I was paying for-sure not the service.
    The last week I was there I put my word press blog address on my xanag site and for two days I could not get on Xanga so when I did I deleted my site and moved here permanently.
    Excellent post.


    • Thank you. I know you had problems and nothing was done. I remember you saying stuff on Xanga a lot. And even though you paid for premium, it seems they still didn’t care about solving whatever was wrong. I understand why you deleted your account.


  3. My main criticism was the silence from the Xanga team. They do not show any true enthusiasm for the community itself. My personal feeling is that they asset stripped Xanga for as long as they could. I would have continued supporting Xanga if there had been any communication from Xanga. I remain a member there but I am set up to continue on this platform irrespective of what Xanga is doing. Glad to stay connected with you.


  4. agreed and agreed. love xanga, but the more i think about it, the more i don’t like how the team is and is not handling. (i’m bel’s_kaylar, over there.)


  5. You and I have discussed some of this via e-mail.
    I’m glad you shared your thoughts here. It helps sometimes just to get thoughts and feeling down on paper.
    I’m glad you will be here. And I’m still following you here!
    Love and HUGS!!!


    • Yes and I was very glad to be able to talk to you first about how I felt. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post anything about the Xanga situation and decided to go ahead. I felt it needed to be said, even if it wasn’t done on Xanga.

      And as you know I am following you as well. When you start posting here again, I will comment on your posts.


  6. There have been a lot of mean-spirited people on Xanga. I’ve always steered clear of them. I hope that kind of nastiness can be avoided over here.

    I think “asset-stripped” is too strong a term. I don’t think there was ever much money to Xanga, and it has been fading for several years now. But it has been sad to have the Xanga team so absent. The handful of times I’ve tried to use Help, there are years’ worth of questions from other people that were completely ignored.


    • I hope it can be avoided over here also. I’ve always tried to do my best to avoid the mean-spirited people on Xanga too, but sometimes, they still find your posts and if they disagree. . . Well, you’re definitely going to know it.

      I’ve seen a lot of people complain about trying to get help from the Xanga Team when they needed it and never got it. It is definitely sad.

      And I wanted to thank you for following me on here. I don’t think we were ever friends on Xanga, but I’ve commented on some of your posts in the past and I’ve seen you comment some of mine. Hopefully we can get to know each other better 🙂


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