Giveaway, Books And Other Stuff

I’ve been wanting to write a new blog on here for a few days now, but the past few days I haven’t been feeling well and wasn’t online much. I’m finally feeling better now and decided I would write something.

I think the giveaway for my store is going well so far. It has 11 days left and 33 entries so far. Hopefully the giveaway will help boost my business as well.


I also bought some business cards, which are pictured above. I bought them from Vista Print and they are really nice. I will be using Vista Print again in the future.

I also bought some new books recently. My library’s book store is having an Easter Basket sale. You pick an egg and inside you could get 10%-30% off. I bought three books and the egg I picked I got 30% off.

The books I bought were Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith, Clockwork by Philip Pullman and The Wolves of the Beyond by Kathryn Lasky. I also ordered a book from Barnes and Noble. It’s Why I Left the Amish by Saloma Furlong. She’s going to be a library near me next Wednesday and I’m going. I wanted to buy the book so she could sign it. I’ve read it already though and it’s a very good book. I recommend it.

And now that I’m feeling better I’m writing a new poem. There is an online magazine accepting short stories and poems about Dragons this month so I’d like to submit a few poems.

I also recently ordered some craft supplies from this online store. I’ll let you all know what I think when I get the order in the mail. I’m really looking forward to getting it though. It will probably come in the mail sometime next week.

I’m also back to reading. When you’re not feeling well and sleeping a lot, you definitely don’t feel up to reading or doing much of anything. I have some books from the library that I’m reading.

Not much else has been happening, but I do have some ideas for blogs that I’d like to write soon and I will when I have the time.

I’ll blog again soon.


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