Old Library Slips

I saw this on another blogging site of someone’s blog I follow. An old library slip. It is much different now. When checking out books from the library, they are scanned and a piece of paper is printed when the return dates of your items. I’m not sure when library switched to this from the old slips, but I’m sure they’ve been doing it this way for a number of years now.
When I went to kindergarten, the school had its own library which I would borrow books from. This was in 1994, when I was 5. When I borrowed books from there, I would get a slip like that is shown above. Each book had its own slip, with a holder for the slip either on the front, or very last page in the book. I still see slip holders in some of the books I borrow, but they tend to be ones from the 90s and before. The new books don’t have one. In some of the older books, I’ve actually found a few old slips. Some of the dates on the slips went back to the 1980s.
Seeing the slip just kind of brought back memories for me of some of my first trips to the library.
Do you remember the old library slips?

3 responses to “Old Library Slips

  1. Yes, I remember them!!!
    And this post brought back good memories for me!!!
    I remember liking to see who read the book before me…especially at school libraries…I often knew many of those who signed on the slip. 🙂
    I liked that we got to sign our names. 🙂
    GREAT post!!!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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