Explanation For The Last Post. . .

And here is my explanation for the last post I wrote.

My boyfriend plays an online browser game and the game has guilds to join. He joined one a number of months ago and this guild has their own chat, which has voice chat, but you can just type if you don’t wish to use a mic to talk. My boyfriend hasn’t played the game in a while nor has he went into the guild’s chat for quite a while. He stopped going in the chat because of all the drama coming from the leader of the guild and those who are, I think, mods of the chats as well as being second in charge of the guild next to the leader.

Last week he went into the chat simply because they wanted to talk to him about some important and that important thing was about a 15 year old female member of the guild. The leader, who likes the 15 year old girl, thinks that she might be a guy because she won’t use a mic to talk, she won’t give him her facebook, personal e-mail and has only ever shown three pictures of herself to the members of the guild. The leader even tried to add her on Xbox live and she denied his request.

In my previous post, I said the guy was 21. It turns out that the guy, who is the leader and likes the 15 year old girl, is actually 28.

I don’t think that the 15 year old girl is a guy. In my opinion, she is being cautious and that is a very good thing. If when I was 15 and I had a 28 year old guy asking for my personal e-mail, pictures and other things, as well as him trying to add me on different things, I’d be pretty creeped out.  So, I think she is making the right choice by being careful.


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