The Legend Of The Cherokee Rose

File:Cherokee rose.jpg
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Over 100 years ago, the Cherokee were driven from their homeland to Oklahoma to live on land that the government had chosen for them. This became known as the Trail of Tears. It was a terrible and many died while traveling. The women cried.

But the old men knew that the women must stay strong for the children and so they asked the Great Spirit for help, to help their people and give the women strength.
They were heard and the Great Spirit had made it so that wherever a woman tears, a plant would come up where her tears had fallen.
The Great Spirit told them that the plant would grow very quickly, then fall back to the ground and another stem would grow. The plant had white blossoms and it would become a beautiful rose with five petals with gold in the center which represented the greed of the men who had driven them from their home. On the plant, there would be seven green leaves, one for each of the Cherokee clans.
The plant would grow throughout the Trail of Tears and its thorns would protect it from someone trying to remove it.
The next day, the women saw the white flowers far back on the trail and when they heard what the Great Spirit had said, their strength returned. They would survive and take care of the children so they could grow and flourish in the new Cherokee nation.
Above is a traditional Cherokee story, which I read on the Cherokee Nation website and decided to share for this month, in my own words. The picture is the Cherokee Rose, also known as Rosa Laevigata.

4 responses to “The Legend Of The Cherokee Rose

    • Yes…Daryl told this story to Carol when he gave her the Cherokee roses…after her daughter Sophia died. 😦
      It was a beautiful moment! Shows how much Daryl has grown! 🙂 And what a great way to encourage Carol in her grief! 🙂


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