Sequoyah And The Cherokee Syllabary

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Sequoyah was born in 1770 and died in 1848. He was born to a Cherokee mother and not much is known about his father. It is believed that his father is Nathaniel Gist.

Sequoyah is known as the creator of the Cherokee Syllabary. He never learned to read or write in English, but he thought it was important for the Cherokee people to have a way to read and write in their own language. It took him about a year to create the syllabary and it is said that his first wife had destroyed the work. However, he did not give up.
When he had finished the syllabary, he couldn’t find a willing adult to learn the syllabary and so he taught his daughter. With his daughter’s help, Sequoyah was able to show Cherokee leaders the usefulness of the syllabary. They allowed him to teach the syllabary and after his students had learned the syllabary, were to read it and then repeat what was written in their own language, this convinced the leaders that he had created a writing system.
The Cherokee syllabary is still used today to write and read in the Cherokee language. It is the language I want to read and write in since I am Cherokee. When I do learn it, I would like to teach others so this beautiful language can be kept alive.

4 responses to “Sequoyah And The Cherokee Syllabary

  1. I love bios…I love reading and learning about people’s lives, struggles, contributions, victories, etc. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Sequoyah with us!
    I’m excited for you to learn Cherokee!
    HUGS! Happy Monday!!! 🙂


  2. I remember learning about Sequoyah in school, but it was only a 2 sentence blurb. This has more information than I read even then. While you are learning the syllabary it might be nice for you to do a few posts on what you learn, if it’s possible. I’d be interested in following your progress.


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