Bone Series Special Edition Box Set

Bone is a graphic novel series by Jeff Smith. It was originally published between 1991 and 2005 as a comic book series. It had 55 issues. Later the series was published into volumes. In total, there are 9 graphic novels.

Bone is a series I began reading last year and I’ve read up to volume 8. I only have one more volume left to before I finish and then I’ll read the spin-off series there are.

Last month I was looking on the official website for both the series and its author and found there is a special edition Bone box set. It’s for the 20th anniversary of the series. There are only 2,000 of this box set and it comes with quite a bit of neat stuff.

It has a single hardcover of all 9 volume of the Bone series, in full color. Figures of the Bone cousins, a DVD and tons more. You can see what all comes with the box set here: B o n e v i l l e » Store

Also, here is a picture of it I found on Google:


It looks pretty awesome to me and I wanted it so bad. But it’s $350. That’s definitely out of my price range. It’s still nice to see the box set.

It’s still nice to see a box set like this though. It’s very cool. Also, since it is getting close to Halloween, this is a series I’d recommend. You can read it whenever, but I think it would make a good read for Halloween too.


One response to “Bone Series Special Edition Box Set

  1. Sounds great!
    Yah….all those boxes sets of books and DVD, etc., are an investment.
    I love reading scary, mysterious or suspense stories.
    HUGS! and Happy Weekend!


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