Hershey Library Book Sale

I’ve been meaning to post on here for a while what books I bought at Hershey library’s book sale last month. I keep forgetting since there has been so much I want to write and post on here. There are still many things I want to write, but haven’t had the time. I figured I would do this post quick though.

Here are pictures of the books I bought:

other 486

Tracks by Louise Erdrich – I’ve read one book by this author, called Love Medicine. I heard so many good things about the book and was excited about reading it, but I didn’t really find myself enjoying it or really liking any of the characters. It did keep me interested enough to try some of her other books though.


Tales from the House of Bunnicula: Howie Monroe and the Doghouse of Doom by James Howe – I love Bunnicula books. So, that is why I bought this. I am trying to get all of the books in the series.

The Search for Delicious by Natalie Babbitt – I got this simply because it’s by Natalie Babbitt and she’s one of my favorite authors.

Ghosts and Gravestones of Savannah Georgia by John F. Stavely. – I love paranormal books with true stories so I was excited to find this.

other 487

Three Days by Donna Jo Napoli – I’ve read two books by this author and I’ve liked what I have read by her. This is a book I was actually planning on borrowing from the library, but I have it now and can read it whenever I want.

Two Wishbone books – I love Wishbone. I’ve been trying to collect all of the books.

other 488

The Navajo Code Talkers by Doris A. Paul – I like reading books about Native American history. I like to learn.

and The Keys to the Kingdom book 1: Mister Monday by Garth Nix – I’ve heard this is a good series and decided to get it and give it a try.

The next library book sale is at my local library in October and after that, Middletown library will be having a book sale again. I’m definitely going to both.


2 responses to “Hershey Library Book Sale

  1. Ooh…fun post! I LOVE seeing the books you buy…are reading…etc! 🙂
    The Navajo code talkers books sounds interesting! I saw a movie on them once. I have several friends who are Navajo and I’ve learned a lot from them about their lives and history.
    HUGS! C. 🙂


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