Amazing Night

I watched the Olympics closing ceremony and the Spice Girls were truly amazing.

Someone tweeted on Twitter “Words cannot express how much I love the Spice Girls.” And I really often find this is the case for me. Whenever I write about the Spice Girls, I try my best to express how much I love them and why I’m a fan. I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t understand.

I’ve been a Spice Girls fan since I was 7. I first saw the video for Wannabe on MTV and I remember instantly loving them, loving these five colorful and crazy women. From that moment on, the Spice Girls became a huge part of my life.

I bought their music, t-shirts, lollipops, dolls, etc. I was always, always proud to be a fan of theirs. Even when it was uncool to like the Spice Girls, I still wore my t-shirts and let people know that they were my favorite group with pride.

And now I look back on how huge a part of my life they were and still are. The Spice Girls were never just a fad for me, they were/are people that I look up to and wanted to be like when I was growing up. I love music and singing because of them. I began writing because of them. I started writing songs when I was 11/12 and as I got a bit older and really into reading books, I started writing stories and books. But I started writing because of them, because I wanted to write songs like they did.

I grew up watching them, listening to their music and reading their books, Geri, Melanie B and Victoria’s biographies. They were so determined to make it, they imagined exactly how they want their life to be.

I just read Real Life: Real Spice The Offical Story and both Geri and Victoria describe imagining how they wanted their life to be and it ended up happening. They’ve really taught me to be determined, to know what I want, to imagine and go after it. They’ve taught me to never give up and always just be myself.

It may be silly to say, but I don’t care; the Spice Girls are a big part of who I am and I will never be ashamed to say that. Even when I am a big and famous writer, I’ll always express my love for these wonderful and amazing women. They’re my role models and have been since I was 7. They’re one of the reasons why I am going after my dream and I am determined to make it.

And seeing them perform at the Olympics closing ceremony left me speechless. They were amazing, their outfits were just great and it just brought back so many memories. I got teary eyed, but I did when I went to see them in concert in 2008, too. That night in 2008 was amazing and tonight was amazing too.

Spice Girls Forever! I will always love them.


2 responses to “Amazing Night

  1. I love that The Spice Girls are and were important in your life! 🙂
    We all need those kinds of strong, amazing women in our lives for role models and encouragement! You did a wonderful post to them here!


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