I Miss

Blogging on Xanga. I mean, really blogging. And I don’t mean I stopped blogging on Xanga, I just mean that I haven’t really blogged on there like I did before.  Xanga was the one place that I really felt safe to completely be myself. I could blog about whatever I wanted and it was okay. But since what happened in April, I haven’t really been blogging about personal things, or things that are on my mind, like I used to. And I miss that. I really miss that.

Xanga has a lot of good people. Some of them I have become really great friends with and I am so grateful to have them in my life. However, Xanga has its share of not very nice people and they definitely can make your time miserable on there. I know because I experienced it for myself in the beginning of April.

Xanga itself is a great blogging site and I love it, but it is just some of the people there that can make ones experience not a good one. I’ve learned that the Xanga community can be a harsh place, it can be cold and uncaring. But people will say this is just the internet, it doesn’t really matter. What most people fail to realize, or they just wish to not acknowledge it, is that behind these blogs, usernames, etc, are real people. Real people with real feelings that can be hurt. Words are not just words.

I love words, I love writing and it is with this love that I believe words should not be used for bad. Every word you speak, every word you type should be thought through.

A few months ago I read Alma Hogan Snell’s biography and I found a quote in the book that I love: “My grandmother told me, “Words are holy. Treat them with respect. There’s power there.”

And I do believe that. There is power in words and I remind myself this every day, I do my best to careful how I speak to people. Even if someone is being mean to me, I do not want to speak harshly with them. Words are important, the way we speak them and pronounce them are also an important. So we must speak beautifully with each other and every day I do my best to do this.

But sadly, there are a lot of people who won’t do this, including those people on Xanga that can be quite mean. The people on Xanga that aren’t nice use free speech as their argument for being the way they are. They want to be cruel and don’t want to be censored. But in their cruelness, they censor others. People don’t want to speak their opinions or share their experiences in fear of being harshly judged or attacked. I do think it is funny that those who attack and are mean to others don’t want to be attacked or people to be mean to them. I witnessed this with the person who was mean and made fun of me in April.

With how mean people can be, sometimes I think it would just be better to be around animals only. They are loving and accepting, but then, I remember the wonderful people that I’ve met online. And they truly are wonderful people. They are people I can trust and although I’ve never met them in real life, I love them.

Even with the bad people online, there are some great ones and they are worth looking for.


5 responses to “I Miss

    • I’m glad I feel safe posting here too. I hope I can feel that on Xanga again one day. I really miss that. There really are some great people on Xanga, but the few bad ones can definitely ruin the place for others.


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